For convenience, Appendix B3 of this report contains excerpts from the Big Sky County analysis by AE2S. On the second page of Appendix B3, labeled Big Sky UCT MBR with PostAnox Bio and Chem 16oC, it can be seen that only limited simulated effluent data is presented. For example, the projected facility flow rate is “0.00 mgd”, which cannot provide information as to the projected effluent concentrations. This includes flow associated with nitrogen, phosphorus, ammonia and other effluent parameters theoretically analyzed in the AE2S report. None of the biological and chemical parameters used to derive these effluent concentrations is presented by AE2S.


Full process model inputs and outputs will be included in the Final Draft. The 0.00 mgd error in the reporting should have read 1.4 mgd, which is the maximum month design flow and load. The maximum month flow and load was modeled at 6 and 16 deg C, to reflect that this maximum condition can occur over December-January, or March-April timeframes, depending on occupancy and I/I (infiltration and inflow).