I would like to see some discussion for each of the proposed options of how they would benefit the hydrologic system of the West Fork and Upper Gallatin. I see there being big benefit to keeping water in the West Fork drainage for as long as possible given that the majority of water withdrawal is in this watershed. How does each of the proposed options effect water supply (groundwater and streamflow) in the West Fork drainage? The report does mention impacts to water quality but just as important in my mind are the impacts on water supply, replenishing aquifers, and our streams in the West Fork watershed. Proactively managing water for changes in climate, increasing water withdrawals, and drought conditions. I think we need to view the wastewater effluent as a valuable commodity that will become more and more valuable in time and put serious thought into where in the watershed would benefit from additional water inputs and what time of year as to not impact water quality but also best benefit the hydrologic system within the West Fork watershed and mainstem Gallatin.


Will add “hydrologic benefit” to a KT comparison benefit analysis of disposal alternatives. Will also include the water rights impact.