Snow Disposal Option: I think the potential snowmaking number could be significantly…

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Snow Disposal Option: I think the potential snowmaking number could be significantly higher . In regard to Big Sky Resort, from my perspective, they could dispose of more snow than what they have done in the past – what are the cons to this? Big Sky Resort has also verbally stated that they could use the effluent on other areas of the mountain. I think it is critical for the district to get a harder number from Big Sky Resort for the maximum amount they could commit to Southern Comfort and other areas of the mountain. In the Big Sky Sustainable Water Solutions Forum, the general manager stated a much higher number, which may have been pie in the sky but I think it is important for them to make an officials statement signed off by the manager so we can plan accordingly. In addition, other entities have discussed the potential of using this snow and should be approached for the viability. These include Lone Mountain Ranch and Town Center/BSCO for winter Nordic system in the Meadow.


Agreed that potential snowmaking volumes could be higher, if third parties decide to install the infrastruture on their property and operate it ( the District has no authority to force snowmaking on the third parties). The District also cannot force Big Sky Resort into committing to a snowmaking volume.