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Big Sky Standard Drawings

Big Sky Sustainable Water Solutions 1-31-2018 Meeting Presentations

Big Sky Sustainable Water Solutions Resource List

8/1/1970 Preliminary Studies and Report Sanitary Sewer Collection and Treatment FacilitiesMorrison-Maierle
2/1/1976 Facilities Plan- RID 305, Phase IIIMorrison-Maierle
2/1/1982 Wastewater Master Plan for Rural Improvement District 305Morrison-Maierle
9/1/1986 Wastewater Facilities Plan- RID 305 Gallatin – Madison CountiesKerin & Associates
7/23/1992 Wastewater Treatment Process Options- Preliminary Evaluation Report- Big Sky, MontanaHKM
3/30/1993 Executive Summary- Draft Facility Plan for Improvements to the Big Sky Wastewater Treatment FacilityHKM
5/1/1994 Wastewater Treatment & Disposal System- Field Investigation Report- Big Sky, MontanaEspey, Huston & Associates
6/16/1994 Wastewater Facility Plan for Big Sky, MontanaHKM
12/12/1994 Interim Action Work Plan for Wastewater Treatment & DisposalHKM
11/1/1995 Revised Interim Action Work Plan for Wastewater Treatment & DisposalMSE-HKM
1/2/1996 Long Term Compliance Work Plan for Wastewater Treatment and DisposalMSE-HKM
3/31/1997 Big Sky Golf Course Water Quality Monitoring Plan and Summary of Lysimeter and Monitor Well Data: 1996MSE-HKM
10/1/1997 Evaluation of the Snowfluent Process for Big Sky County Water & Sewer District # 363Delta Engineering
9/18/1998 Long Term Compliance Work Plan for Wastewater Treatment and DisposalMSE-HKM
3/1/1999 Water Quality Monitoring Plan for Snowmaking at the Big Sky Mountain SitesMSE-HKM
9/26/2000 Wastewater Feasibility Study Final DraftMorrison-Maierle/HKM Engineering
6/1/2001 Long Term Compliance Work Plan for Wastewater Treatment and Disposal AmendmentHKM
11/4/2008 Preliminary Engineering Report Canyon Area Wastewater Treatment & DisposalDowl HKM
4/13/2012 Meadow Village Golf Course Nutrient Management PlanDowl HKM
12/1/2012Final Report on YC Snowmaking Pilot Plant Using Treated WastewaterDowl HKM
5/15/2015 Resort Area Wastewater AnalysisWGM Group
7/1/2015 Wastewater System Master Plan UpdateDowl
12/1/2016 Big Sky 5 Year CIP & Master Facilities Plan UpdateDowl

Big Sky & UV Project Information

Water & Wastewater Impact Fee Study

Water 5 Year CIP Project

Wastewater Facilities Plan Update Project Docs

Source Water Capacity Update Project Docs

Thumb Area Annexation File & Santech O&M Docs

Golf Course Irrigation Study Docs

Filter Building PLC, VFD & Pressure Tranmitter Manuals,zip 26 MB
Big Sky Golf Course GPS Mapping Project (Final) 69.1 MB
Big Sky Golf Course GPS Mapping Project (Preliminary) 52.6 MB
Big Sky Golf Course Irrigation System Project Manual.1996-03.pdf 16 MB
Big Sky Golf Course Monitoring Plan.1997-03.pdf 4.4 MB
Big Sky Wastewater Irrigation Agreement (Exhibit C from Boyne Settlement Agreement).pdf895 KB
Design Report for SBR WWTP.2002-04-17.pdf26 MB
Golf Course Nutrient Management Plan.2012-04-13.pdf19 MB
Long Term Compliance Work Plan for Wastewater Treatment & Disposal.1998-09-17.pdf50 MB
Long Term Compliance Work Plan for Wastewater Treatment & Disposal.Amendment.2001-09-18.pdf23 MB
Revised Interim Action Work Plan.1995-11-01.pdf3 MB
SBR WWTP & Treated Water Pipeline.Bid Sched 1 of 2.2002-05-31.pdf58 MB
SBR WWTP & Treated Water Pipeline.Bid Sched 2 of 2.2002-05-31.pdf42 MB
Specifications for Wastewater Filtration & Pump Station.1996-04.pdf58 MB

Bridge Project Docs

Example Documents for Mountain Lakes

Montana Bureau of Mines Requested Reports 
Blue Grouse Well Report 1Link
Blue Grouse Well Report 2Link
142Yield and Drawdown Tests Mountain Village Well No. 7 Big Sky Water and Sewer districtMorrison & Maierle1/18/20026/18/2013 Link
145Strategic Energy Management for Big Sky, MontanaBarr Engineering report3/22/20026/19/2013 Link
147Source Water Delineation and Assessment Report- Big Sky County Water & Sewer DistrictWestern Groundwater Services9/1/20021/11/2012 Link
148Source Water Delineation and Assessment Report- Lone Mountain Ranch, Big SkyWestern Groundwater Services6/1/20026/19/2013 Link
150Big Sky Mountain Village Water System ModelMorrison & Maierle12/31/20026/19/2013 Link
151Big Sky Mountain Village Water System Model UpdateMorrison & Maierle5/1/20036/19/2013 Link
152Big Sky Meadow Village Water System Model for Big Sky Water and Sewer DistrictMorrison & Maierle9/22/20036/19/2013 Link
211Water Model Reports for Big Sky Water & Sewer District #363 Water System- PreliminaryHKM7/27/20076/19/2013 Link
213Water Quality Assessment and Microscopic Particlulate Analysis (MPA) Data ReportWestern Groundwater Services11/21/200811/21/2008 Link
220Water System Capacity PlanWestern Groundwater Services6/9/20091/11/2012 Link
225Meadow Village Aquifer Modeling AnalysisWestern Groundwater Services2/21/20061/21/2010 Link

5/1/16YC Well test Reports
7/9/16 South Fork Phases 5-7 Record Drawings188 MB
10/22/15Resort Area Wastewater Analysis Final Report (WGM Group – 9/28/2015)
4/2/15Water Facilities Plan for the Meadow Village of Big Sky (2002)21 MB
  Water Modeling Reports36 MB
3/17/15Wastewater Facilities Plan Update Powerpoint from 3/17/15 Board Meeting6.5 MB
6/12/14 2008 Canyon Wastewater Feasibility Study42 MB
6/12/14Big Sky Dam Emergency Plan.June 199138 MB
4/8/14Big Sky Aerial Image No. 172zip
10/10/13 BSOA Pond Restoration File41.7 MB
  BSOA Ponds Application to Change Water Rights.Form 60620.8 MB
  BSOA Ponds Investigation for Securing Legal Water Rights13 MB
  Drake & Assoc Letter230 KB
  Matt Williams Emails1.1 MB
7/8/13 Canyon Sewer Feasibility Study38.9 MB
1/22/13 Pines Booster Station O&M13.2 MB
  Pines Booster Station Micro-comm Manual10.5 MB
11/28/12Pilot Snowmaking Presentationppt (10MB)
3/9/12Attached are 4 files related to our meter reading and billing. The first file (MasterSchd001.xls) is our phone read master file that has a little more then a years worth of meter reading history for the phone read system. The Schdoo1.rdg file is the phone read system raw data file which reads 900+ meters each week. The EXBLKMNT.DAT file is the file created whenever we read the phoneread, handheld or driveby unit for Black Mountain to import. It usually has the handheld reads which 600+ meters of data in it. If we use the export file for Black Mountain we should be able to get nearly all the meter data that we would need for customers to view. The last file (bigsky_meter_info.xls) contains all the meters in the three separate meter reading techniques: phone, radio and handheld reads.

If an import process is developed using the ExBlkMtn.dat files we can provide usage data for not only the phoneread but the handheld and driveby units in a single file.

 1. MasterSchd001.xls Master excel file that has about a years worth of data in it.xls (20.3 MB)
 2. Schd001.rdg Raw data file from our phone read system
rdg (265 KB)
 3. Exblkmtn.dat Export file created for importing into Black Mountaindat (87 KB)
  4. Big Sky_Meter_Info.xls Master excel file that has about a years worth of data in it.xls (997 KB)
3/9/12Big Sky Project Google Earth KMZ Filekmz (16MB)
8/10/11 Specifications for Storage Pond Expansion Project.1996 PDF (27 Meg)
  Specifications for Storage Pond Aeration Project.1996 PDF (4 Meg)
5/31/11 Water System Source Capacity Study.2008 PDF
4/12/11Pilot Snowmaking Project Proposal PDF
4/6/11Big Sky Golf Course Aerial Images Zip
4/1/10Google Earth Project File kmz
1/28/10Big Sky Standard Specifications Documents: 
 Big Sky Standard Drawings.2010-01-28.zipZip/AutoCads
 Big Sky Standard Drawings PDFs.2010-01-28.pdfPDF
 Big Sky Standard Specifications.2007-01-10.dft.docWord
9/15/09Meadow Village Wells 4 & 5: 
 Big Sky Source Capacity Plan.Western Groundwater.2008-06.pdfPDF
 Meadow Village No. 4 Engineering Report.Western Groundwater.2006-05.pdfPDF
 MeadowVillage Nos 4 & 5_Water RightApplication.2007-02-09.pdfPDF
  MeadowVillage Nos 4 & 5_Water Right Application Form.2007-02-09A.pdfPDF
 Meadow Village Nos 4 & 5_Well Construction Report.2007-02-09.pdfPDF
 Pumping Test Plan Meadow Wells 4 & 5.Western Groundwater.2006-06.pdfPDF
 Meadow Village Aquifer Modeling Analysis.Western Groundwater.2006-05.pdfPDF
8/6/09In Control PicturesZip File (100 Meg)
8/4/09Substation Appraisal ReportPDF (13.8 Meg)
11/6/08 Subdivisions.zipZIP
9/19/08Big Sky Forcemain Powerpoint Presentation & PicsZIP
4/08/08 Big Sky Area Shape Files.zipZIP
3/19/08Aquarobics Pictures.zipZIP
2/29/08 Meadow Village Wells 4 & 5 Pump Tests.pdfPDF
  Meadow Village Wells 4 & 5 Water Right Applications.pdfPDF
12/04/07BSOA Park Area GIS clip.pdfPDF
 WWTP As built Sheet PP11.pdfPDF
 WWTP As built Sheet PP12.pdfPDF
08/07/07 Mountain Lake Well Log & Analytical Data.2007-03-28.pdfPDF
  Mountain Lake Well Pump Test Report.2007-06-19.pdfPDF
06/22/07Canyon Study.HKM Engineering Proposal.pdfPDF
 Canyon Study.Great West Engineering Proposal.pdfPDF
06/13/07Ordinance 97-1001.dft.2007-06-19.pdfPDF
 Ordinance 97-1002.dft.2007-06-19.pdfPDF
05/30/07 Presentation.2007-05-17.pptPPT (9.6 MB)
05/09/07 MtnVlg-Water (with aerial).720PXL.pdfPDF (6.5 MB)
  MtnVlg-Water (with aerial).300PXL.pdfPDF (1.5 MB)
  MtnVlg-Water (no aerial).300PXL.pdfPDF (280 KB)
  MtnVlg-Sewer (with aerial).720PXL.pdfPDF (6.5 MB)
  MtnVlg-Sewer (with aerial).300PXL.pdfPDF (1.5 MB)
  MtnVlg-Sewer (no aerial).600PXL.pdfPDF (280 KB)
03/15/07TSEP Grant Application for ORW Study.pdfPDF
2/28/07 District Creation DocumentsPDF
  District History NarrativePDF
2/20/07Big Sky Community Options: Option AJPG
 Big Sky Community Options: Option BJPG
 Big Sky Community Options: Option CJPG
 Big Sky Community Options: Options A, B & CJPG
12/7/06Project Specs (complete with all documents)ZIP
  Project Specs Section 00900- Funding Agency RequirementsPDF
 Bid DocumentsPDF
  Resolution 06-01- Reimbursement ResolutionPDF
  Resolution 06-02- $5M GO Bond Resolution calling for mail ballot electionPDF
 SRF Loan ApplicationPDF
  DWSRF & WPCSRF Project Priority List SurveyPDF
11/20/06SRF Loan Application.pdfPDF
11/14/06Bond Election Newsletter.pdfPDF
8/24/06Big Sky Meadow Village Water ModelZIP
7/27/06Docs for Todd Teegarden: 
 Spanish Peaks Water Facilities AgreementPDF
 Spanish Peaks MOU for BillingPDF
  Yellowstone Club AgreementPDF
7/20/06RID 305 – WSD363 AgreementPDF
7/10/06 Sewer Outfall Line As-builtsZIP
7/10/06 Mahurin BidPDF
  Andrews Bid 
6/26/06Well Drilling Bid Documents 
  Section 1- Contract & Bid DocumentsPDF
  Section 2- Agreement FormPDF
  Section 3- Standard General Conditions of the ContractPDF
  Section 4- Notices & FormsPDF
  Section 5- Montana Prevailing Wage RatesPDF
  Section 6- General RequirementsPDF
6/19/06 WSD Standard Drawings – ACad files of Standard Drawings 
6/16/062004-2005 Audit Report – Audit Report in PDF format 
5/26/06 EDM Study for PBS&JPDF
5/22/06 – Various shape filesZIP (1.5 Meg)
5/1/ – Various documentsZIP
4/12/06Canyon Area Aerial1 – PDF file of canyon area images 
4/12/06Canyon Area Aerial2 – PDF file of canyon area images 
4/12/06Canyon Area Topo1 – PDF file of canyon area images 
4/12/06Canyon Area Topo2 – PDF file of canyon area images 
3/15/06 FireDeptGISFiles.ZIP – GIS files for fire departmentZIP
1/5/06 HKM Project Specs Vol 2-Division 16-Electrical.pdf – Division 16 for In controls 
1/4/06 PondLinerCoverPilotDrawings.pdf – for Jason Burk 
11/15/05Well # 7 Pump Test ReportPDF
11/1/05Compost PicturesZIP
10/21/05 Well Production Data 
9/15/05 SFE Development InformationPDF
8/4/04 Wastewater Service Charge Study.1997-08.pdfPDF

Old Files:
Beaverhead image
Black Eagle Check List
Grey goose Checklist